06 April 2006

Small Business Tax Guide Released by IRS

The IRS has released an updated version of their free Small Business Resource Guide co-developed with the SBA. The CD-ROM contains:

The Small Business Resource Guide, CD-ROM provides critical tax information to small businesses including forms, instructions, and publications. The CD also provides valuable business information from a variety of government agencies, non-profit organizations, and educational institutions. The CD contains essential startup information needed by new small businesses in order to be successful. The design of the CD makes finding information easy and quick and incorporates file formats and browsers which can be run on virtually any desktop or laptop computer.

There are several others for small business, including a DVD version of Publication 1066-C, A Virtual Small Business Tax Workshop. So, if you are a small business or thinking of starting one, pick it up. After all, it's free tax advice from the IRS.

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